Loop Recruiting

Connecting People, Professions
and Innovative Ideas.

There is no other industry that moves faster than technology. Platforms constantly change. So do business models. Which makes competition among the most proficient technology leaders in the market intense. In seeking the most adaptable IT professionals and procuring the progressive technical talent for the fast-paced realm of Systems & Software, we keep our eyes on the proven leaders and the rising talent. By engaging in ongoing dialogues with both, we find the experts with a pulse on product innovation, with strong technical capabilities, and with even stronger interpersonal skills to propel your company.


Milestone Construction LLC


Milestone Construction is a full service commercial contracting company providing pre-construction, construction management, general contracting, and design-build services.  We believe that clients want more from their contractor than a printout of projects and an ever-inflating bottom line.

Licensed in Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama, and Tennessee, Milestone takes pride in being flexible and efficient, with direct owner management that separates it from the competition.

Integrity, transparency and, most significantly, trust are the primary components of any Milestone build. Milestone believes that the relationship between client and contractor must extend beyond the work site, beyond the moment the keys are turned over. From the first design discussions to the final landscaping touch, Milestone makes sure clients understand not only what is being done, but why.



3D Development


3D Development is a full service real estate development company focused on single tenant net-leased retail projects.  We have extensive experience in all facets of commercial real estate including site selection, lease negotiation, financing, construction and brokerage.  Our development resume includes participation in preferred developer programs, fee developments and build-to-suits.